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Complimentary consultation services are available from Buell Insurance as a part of our dedication to our hard working customers who own small businesses.
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The Buell 'Trusted Adviser Portal' <br/>

The Buell 'Trusted Adviser Portal'

The plain truth is that most insurance agencies have limited involvement with their customers.  We think differently at Buell Insurance and strive to continue educating our commercial customers as much as we can throughout the year.  Our portal is available to to anyone at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE and offers a variety of features for business owners around the country.  These features include: a content library, knowledge base, catalogs and training courses.

Knowledge Base<br/>

Knowledge Base

Our complimentary business portal comes with a knowledge base that can answer a great number of questions for your small business needs. Type in your question and filter through hundreds of helpful articles and these can even be filtered by US State.  Looking for information on Family Leave in the state of Illinois? No problem!

Content Library <br/>

Content Library

Hundreds of pieces are available about various topics for business owners, and these articles can be filtered by the specific state your business is located in.  Popular content include charts, graphs and workplace posters for all 50 states!

Training Courses<br/>

Training Courses

Download complimentary training courses that, again, can be filtered by state.  Some courses are required including Illinois, New York and California for additional safety and sexual harassment training.